multum in parvo

The Committee

PRESIDENT: Mrs Brenda Banbury
Our past President, Anne Bolton. who has served us so well, has completed her term of office, and I am  honoured to be invited to be President of The Pug Dog Club , for the next term.  My congratulations to everyone who was involved in any way with the new handbook which went on sale at Crufts, and has been enjoyed by  us all, both at home & overseas.  I still have handbooks from years ago, when I was regularly showing Pugs, & now,looking back they bring back so many happy memories.  Having previously, exhibited Pyrenean Mountain Dogs,& then fallen for the charms of the  many Pugs I met at our training classes and local shows, I was able to buy a bitch puppy from Nancy Tarbitt and in due course she was mated to CH.Pro Bono Pybeta and the rest, as the saying goes, is history.  I have also exhibited Schipperkes which together with Pugs, fit into our lifestyle and have given us great pleasure over many years.  I now look forward to the challenges & pleasures ahead, over the next three years,& my first  ardent good wish is for the continued good health of our Pugs,& the continued efforts of all Pug lovers to support the various health tests, so that we can, in due course, see our breed released from the category 3 Breed Watch.


Mrs Sheila Armstrong, Miss Mavis Baudains, Mrs Jean Manifold, Mrs Alison Mount, Mr Michael Quinney, Mrs Anne Bolton.


CHAIRMAN: Mrs Elaine Arnold
elainearnoldI started my life in dogs with Dobermans, which I had for 10 years. I showed and bred them, then I started my love affair with pugs. After a few years I got my affix Snugglepug, in 1989, and I have been showing and breeding happy healthy pug puppies since. In this time I have bred 6 black champions and was top breeder 2011 also in 2011 we broke all records at the pug dog club championship show winning all top honours with all homebred dogs which I am extremely proud of. I have served on the Pug Dog Club committee for 2 terms already and have done Discover Dogs for the club for the last 11 years.


steve1I’ve been involved with pugs for around five years now and registered our affix Thunderail in 2013. I enjoy all aspects of exhibiting and stewarding all over the country and within the last 18 months I’ve progressed to judging which I hope to pursue further as time goes on.  I’ve represented the breed at Discover Dogs London beside Elaine Arnold-Strong for the past 4 years and am also involved with PDWRA as much as possible.

Miss Olivia Tydeman
As a child there were many different breeds in our house. It wasn’t until my 13th Birthday when I was given a 6 month old pug puppy that I really began my keen interest in breeding and showing.  Over the last 18 months I have started my judging career and look to pursue this in the coming years. I currently am a member of the City of Cambridge Canine Society and feel the experience that I have gained will help me as a new committee member at the prestigious club. I hope that I will be able to bring a young persons viewpoint on all matters concerning pugs.

 Miss Amanda Mitchell
AmandaI have been involved with pugs in one way or another with my family for over thirty years and enjoy supporting and promoting our breed through the Pug Dog Club and Welfare.  I am interested in involving more judges improving their knowledge of the breed, new judges of all ages and to promote responsible breeding for health and longevity in both showing and as a wonderful pet and companion.

Mrs Sarah Mitchell
DSCN0821 (2)
I got my first pug, Rookery Solitaire, in 1992 and since then I’ve built a strong reputation showing and judging pugs as an Assured Breeder with eleven pugs having gained their stud book numbers and one Champion.  I am committed to improving the health and welfare of the breed with a focus on the practical aspects of getting the breed off the Category A health risk list.

Mrs Cynthia Timbury
CynthiaI was brought up with Pomeranians, but it was always my dream to own a Pug. It was in 1983 that my first Pug came into my life. She was bred by Margo Raisin, Paramin, and I had to wait over a year for a female  pup!  The rest as they say is history.   Before the Pugs became such a big part of my life I bred and exhibited Jersey Cattle with great success the pinnacle being awarded the Supreme Championship at the Great Yorkshire Show in 2003 with a home bred cow, the first time this award had ever been won by a Jersey. My Pugs all live as pets in the home and I show in the UK and abroad and breed two or three litters a year. My affix is Pleasantnook and I am a KC Assured Breeder. I am very interested in foreign dogs and most of mine if not imported have at least 50% imported bloodlines. I am passionate about health, eyes and fitness in Pugs and believe in health testing.  I have served on cattle committees and was an Executive Director of a well known car club in the past and am looking forward to working with others to ensure our beloved chosen breed has the future it deserves.

Liz Ward
I bought my first pug, Tragband Inuendo, in 1984. I joined the Wembley Training Club run by Ellen & Arthur Brown, who both encouraged me to show my lovely pug. I was completely hooked by the end of the first show. I had my first litter three years later, and have been showing, mostly, ever since.  I am a professional singer trained at the Royal Academy of Music and also Head of Department at a successful North London Prep School.  I am very proud to have been a previous Chairman of The Pug Dog Club.

Ashleigh Skeats Holland
Our family has owned a number of different breeds over the years including the Cocker Spaniel, Labrador, Poodle, Border Collie, Chihuahua and Terrier.  I first became interested in pugs back in 2008 after a chance meeting with a pug whilst on holiday.  The dog completely charmed me, and I returned from Italy absolutely besotted by the breed.  My interest in pugs and showing was furthered by working for H.U.B. International.  In 2012 I became the proud owner of my first pug, a black Snugglepug bitch and was granted my K.C. Affix Romabella.  Soon after I gained another pug, this time a lovely fawn bitch, who has given me much success in the show ring and recently purchased a beautiful fawn dog puppy, both of which come from the well respected and health tested Ragemma lines.  I am delighted to be on the committee of the Pug Dog Club, and to be serving alongside such like-minded pug fanatics.

Heather Rutherford
I have been involved with pugs since 2008 when my parents  finally gave in and got me a black pug for my birthday. She was my introduction not only to pugs but to dog showing and in no time I was hooked.  I have shown a number of pugs some which we have bred and all have gained their stud book number before retiring from the ring.  I am delighted to be a member of the pug dog club committee as I am passionate about the future of the breed and our beloved hobby. I feel I have to time and energy to work with the club to ensure that both continue and improve

SECRETARY:Mrs Adèle Nicholson
adeleAlthough I grew up with gundog breeds, I am passionate about pugs and have owned them since 1974. I have been showing fawns and blacks since 1994 and judging them since 1997. I became a member of The Kennel Club in 1997 and have represented our Club on The Pug Breed Council since 2011. I took over from John Smith as Secretary of The Pug Dog Club in 1998.  A trained musician, I worked for several classical music organisations including an artists’ management agency before becoming Membership Secretary of the Britain-Russia Centre and for the last ten years until retirement I was Post-Graduate Students administrator in the Philosophy Department at King’s College, London.


I have been a Pug owner and enthusiast since 1978. I have enjoyed the ups, and endured the downs, of showing and breeding this delightful breed for more than three decades. I look on it now as a hobby that has become more of a way of life! My association with the breed has brought me into contact with some wonderful people I count myself lucky as being able to call friends. I have been involved in making a contribution to the world of Pugs through the Pug Dog Club, including serving on the Committee and as the Show Secretary for the Club, which is an enjoyable challenge. I am also the breed note writer for Pugs in Our Dogs. In my professional life, I trained as a Social Worker, and have worked for a number of years for a national charity. When I am not involved in Pug or work related activities, I can be found gardening or cycling – or sometimes just doing nothing!


TREASURER: Mrs Yvonne Naylor
I became treasurer to the Pug Dog Club in 1995.  By profession I am a mathematics teacher and have taught in a Girls’ Grammar School and Co-ed Comprehensive schools.  Amongst my numerous hobbies, I love needlework; sewing, knitting, crotchet, petit point, anything as long as I have a needle in my hand.
I am probably best known as the daughter of Ellen and Arthur Brown, Championship Show judges and breeders of Goodchance Pugs.  Ellen wrote ‘The Complete Pug’.  I have three daughters: Angela Perrett is our webmaster, Rebecca Viner is a Championship Show judge and Emily-Jane.


My love affair with the breed started when I was 12 (a long time ago.) Somehow, I have been actively involved for years and rashly volunteered to edit the Bulletin at the end of 2007 when Jean Manifold decided to retire.
I did not think I would become as ambitious for the Bulletin to flourish as I have and find myself regularly thinking about what our members might contribute for the next edition.  Where would we be without their stories and pictures and what can I persuade them to come up with next?
I am lucky in having a really helpful team of professionals who do all the clever stuff and then post it out.  They make editing the Bulletin even more of a pleasure.


Elle CareOver the last 4 years I have represented the breed alongside Elaine Arnold-Stronge at Discover Dogs and the Pug Dog Club Garden Party for our members and have worked with Pug Dog Welfare and Rescue. I currently have 4 Pugs- two blacks and two fawns. I gained a Studbook number and Junior Warrant on my first Show Dog who was Best Puppy Dog at Crufts 2014 and won another class in 2015. I enjoy involvement in all aspects of our fantastic breed and look forward to taking over the role of Cup Steward.

Tel: 07949 633637


PDC PUPPY SCHEME: Mrs Sylvia Clements

Tel: 01953 455461


Tel: 020 8933 5878

WEBMASTER: Angela Perrett
Pug have always been a part of my life, you could even say since I was born. My grandparents, Arthur and Ellen Brown, who were involved heavily in the breed, kindly introduced me to the world of Pugs. Although I was unable to have any dogs of my own, I showed my grandparents pugs from the age of 6, in both breed classes and junior handling. I also enjoy judging both Pugs and Junior handling. I am a Nurse by profession and therefore find attending shows difficult around my shift work, but I took over as the Pug Dog Club Webmaster in 2012, and I enjoy keeping up to date with all the news.


Mrs Sheila Armstrong, Mrs Jill De’Ath, Mrs Vivienne Dudley, Mrs Jean Manifold, Mr Jim Todd, Mr George Pratley, Dr Andreas Schemel MRCVS, Mrs Rene Tribbeck, Mr Michael Quinney.