multum in parvo


Here is the Pug Champions gallery and the PDC Members Pug Lovers gallery.

Champions Gallery

The Champions Gallery shows a list of all the UK Pug Champions.

How do dogs become UK Champions?
To meet the requirement with the¬†Kennel Club, a dog must gain 3 Challenge Certificates (CCs) from three different judges, where¬†the¬†judge evaluates¬†how closely the dog measures up to the¬†breed’s¬†standard.¬† CCs are awarded at UK Championship Dog Shows, specified by the Kennel Club for each breed.¬†¬†One CC must be awarded when the dog is over 12 month old.

Does that sound easy?
Only two CCs are awarded at each allotted championship show per breed, one for the best Dog and one for the best Bitch in breed.  Therefore, there a very few champions made up each year which makes it extremely honorable for owners and breeders.

Events Gallery

The Events Gallery shows photos from all the Pug Dog Club events that happen throughout the year.

Pug Lovers Gallery

The Pug Lovers Gallery is exclusive to members only. Once you have membership all you have to do is send your photo to, along with your dogs pet name, your full name (first name and surname), address (this will not be published), and answer the following questions:

1. What made you pick this picture?

2. What makes your Pug so special to you?

3. What’s the favourite thing you do with you Pug?