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Garden Party 2018hentry

Posted on July 16, 2018

The garden party was held this year at Rode Hall at the kind invitation of Mr Randle, Mrs Amanda Baker Wilbraham and Mother Jane who has a pug of her own.

It is a beautiful house with an equally beautiful garden, lots of shade, much needed on such a lovely summer day .

It was amusing to see all the Pugs having a great time running around meeting everyone, not one cross word from pugs or owners.

Paddling pools were available if anyone become to hot or just for playing in.

Competition was good humoured in the ever popular games. Some people were very skilled in this area !!

A special thank you to the Rutherford family for their amazing help with the food, games and clearing up.

Alison Mount was in attendance with the Welfare stall selling lots of Puggy gifts.

 I was lucky to get my extremely sociable black pug Mai back at the end of the day from her considerable amount of new friends.

A wonderful day was had by all.

Liz Ward