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Judges Lists

The Pug Breed Council reviews and publishes the Judges List each year in accordance with The Kennel Club Guidelines.

The Judging Lists can be found on their website:

Show Secretaries are requested to use these lists when selecting judges for their shows.

Prospective judges who wish to be considered for inclusion on The Pug Breed Council Judges List, can download an application form and send it to Gemma Hume (address below), Pug Breed Council Secretary. Alternatively you can send a stamped addressed envelope to Gemma Hume, requesting an application form, and one will be sent out to you.

At the end of the year all judges need to complete an updated annual report of their judging experiences, form below, and send them to Gemma Hume.

It would be appreciated if judges could please notify Gemma Hume when addresses or telephone numbers need amending:

Gemma Hume,
Pug Breed Council Secretary,
52 Glamis Crescent
West Craig’s
G72 0TE

Tel: 07709496933