multum in parvo

Own a Pug

Pug puppyThe Pug Dog Club Puppy Scheme is open to all members who have completed three years fully paid up membership of the and must be the registered owner of the bitch. It is the breeder’s responsibility to vet the purchaser of a puppy.

The Pug Dog Club accepts no responsibility for puppies sold through the scheme. Purchasers should satisfy themselves that breeders have done all the necessary health checks.

All applications to place puppies on this website must go through Mrs Sylvia Clements, Tel: 01953 455461.

Mrs Clements keeps a full list of puppies available for telephone enquirers whilst also offering breeders the option of advertising them for a limited time on this web page. Would breeders please advise Mrs Clements when all their puppies have been sold ~ thank you

Name of Breeder County Telephone Number Date of Birth Puppy details
Mrs Dunthorne Norfolk 01493 665679 8.5.19 2 Fawn Dogs

After ONE month puppies will be removed from the list unless updated by contacting Mrs Clements. You may be interested in our Buyers Guide to Buying a Pug Puppy.

PDWRAIf you would like information on re-homing a rescued pug then contact The Pug Dog Welfare and Rescue Association.

Puppy Awareness week find out more.