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Pug Bonanza Day 2019 Cancelledcategory-news

Posted on June 19, 2019

We are taking the unusual step of releasing a confidential email circulated to the Committee of the
Pug Dog Club earlier today in order to give members and interested parties an insight into why the
longest serving members of the committee, being the majority, have very sadly taken the decision to
cancel the Pug Bonanza Day. The Pug Bonanza Day was always to be organised as a Pug Dog Club
Our priority is always the Pug Dog Club, its members and their Pugs and their safety and protection
from legal claims and issues at our events is the most important consideration. It became clear a
few weeks ago that we had not been included in the majority of the decisions made and we have a
file of numerous emails requesting that information be shared.
Having read today Facebook Posts that are stating that the Bonanza Day part is not a Pug Dog Club
event which is news to the committee we feel that we are totally vindicated in our decision to cancel
as our Pug Dog Club insurance only provides cover for Pug Dog Club events.
We are hopeful that we will be able to provide a future event for our members later in the year will
be organised later in the

The people named below forming the majority of the Pug Dog Club Committee have come to the
conclusion that the Pug Bonanza day is unable to proceed owing to the points raised below

  1. Total lack of consultation with the committee by the Chairman
  2. Failure to take account of views of committee members
  3. Risk assessments and first aid provision repeatedly requested and not provided
  4. Refusal to give full financial disclosure/budget.
  5. It has expanded beyond all recognition from the enhanced Pug fun day /garden party as
    originally envisaged without the consultation and agreement of the committee
  6. The advertising of health testing that can only serve to undermine the Breed Councils official
  7. The inviting of an alternative charity without authority to do so.
  8. A seminar arranged with no consultation with the committee
    Having taken advice from the Kennel Club, the lack of consultation, and arrangements made
    by the Chairman is in contravention of the Constitution of the Pug Dog Club and the Kennel
    Club which clearly state that all decisions are decided by a simple majority. In addition it is
    clearly stated that the whole committee is responsible for any event run under the umbrella
    of the Pug Dog Club.
    Therefore it is our decision that we cannot and will not allow this event to proceed and
    notification of the cancellation of this event must be circulated with immediate effect.
    Cynthia Timbury Vice Chairman
    Ashleigh Skeats Holland
    Sarah Mitchell
    Amanda Mitchell
    Heather Rutherford