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The Pug Dog Club Ballot for Judges 2020category-news

Posted on January 21, 2020

In response to members asking for additional information to be made available about
candidates on the Judges for forthcoming shows, candidates on the current
ballot were invited to provide some background information about themselves to be
posted on the website.

Candidates for Open Show 2021

Julia Ashton (Zobear)
My background prior to exhibiting Pugs  was equestrian based, with a keen
knowledge of training and producing horses for competition in numerous equine
disciplines.   11 years ago I met my first pug at dog training I was completely blown
away, and it was then that everything in my life changed. I got my first Male from the
world famous Marbelton kennels, I travelled extensively, from Open Show,
Championship Show to Europe.  I was lucky enough to visit the Tangetoppen
Kennels in Norway and bought a beautiful girl. Fortune is the backbone/foundation to
my own kennels. 11 years on I have a small successful show kennels racking up 19
CC’s, 5 champions with ten championship titles from the U.K. & Europe.  I’m
passionate about health and movement which has lead me to be as involved as
possible behind the show screen for the benefit of the future health and well-being of
the breed.  To date I am the Health Administrator for the National Pug Health
Scheme and the acting Secretary for the Northern Pug Dog Club. I’ve judged approx
160 Pugs, which I have thoroughly enjoyed and sat all relevant seminars.  I am
thrilled to be considered and would find it a huge honour to be invited to judge at this
prestigious Club.

Margaret Cowie (Megipugi)
My name is Margaret Cowie. I have loved pugs since I first watched Men in Black….
sad I know. I got my first pug Button who is black almost 11 years ago who is one of
the two I started out with, and have been showing for almost 10 years. I now have 3
generations of blacks. I very much enjoyed showing so bought two boys from
Golbourne kennel who both did very well with the older one, Breeze, gaining his stud
book number and the young one, Gio, gained a JW ShCM and 1 RCC.
Since then I’ve campaigned four other dogs who have amassed between the six
dogs – 6 stud book numbers , 4 RCCs , 4 JWs and 2 ShCMs.
I am currently on the Breed Council B list. I have attended and passed the basic and
advanced breed seminar and also passed points of a dog, movement and
conformation and  RDSJ.

Belinda Castle (Sarabellew)
I have been actively involved in, and have been a passionate advocate of, high-
standard pedigree dog breeding since 1994 when I started my affix with my first
boxer, and I have been involved with pugs and french bulldogs for almost fifteen
years. Although I am no longer active on the show circuit as an exhibitioner I am still
an enthusiastic and committed judge, and am currently on the judging lists for pugs
and frenchies as well as judging other toy breeds at open shows across the country.
My extensive experience in veterinary practice ensures that I have an extremely
sound knowledge of health-related issues, and I have been on the Kennel Club’s
Assured Breeder Scheme for most of my breeding career.
Val Hayes (Howenvals)
No information provided

Cynthia Timbury (Pleasantnook)
No information provided

Elizabeth Ward (Felice)
I started in the breed with Ming, Tragband Innuendo, my first Pug, in 1984.
Encouraged by Mr Arthur Brown and Mrs Ellen Brown, my first judging appointment
was in 1989, at the Wembley and District Canine Society.
Showing then become a large part of my life, and have shown and bred since that
I have had the honour of being on the Committee of The Pug Dog Club, and  have
served as Chairman.

Candidates for Joint Breed Clubs’ Championship Show 2021

Tim Ball (Kaitak)
My chosen breed is the Shar Pei and it is approaching 35 years since my
involvement with the breed began. As an exhibitor I am proud of the many
achievements in the show ring which include Top Shar Pei on seven occasions. Of
course, my most notable achievement has been with the one-time breed record
holder, Ch/Am Ch Asias Red Marsh Whip It Good (30 CCs), who is a General
Championship BIS winner, winner of multiple groups and no fewer than 20 Group
placements plus the UK’s Top Utility for 2010. Over the years, I have imported more
than twenty Shar Pei and I am immensely proud that the majority of the winning dogs
in the breed during the past two decades or so have been/are descended from my
imports or dogs which were born here at Kaitak. I judged Shar Pei at Crufts in 2000,
which incidentally was also my first CC appointment. I progressed to judge other
breeds and currently I am approved to award CCs in 42 breeds across 6 Groups
plus I am approved to judge the Utility Group, Toy Group and BIS at Championship
Show level.  To date I have awarded CCs in Pugs on two occasions and am
honoured to be included on the ballot for the Joint Pug Dog Clubs’ Championship

Joyce Clark (Taiyuan)
We bought our first Pug in 1982, just after we moved north from Hampshire.  We
bought Dillypin Pandora from Michael Quinney. We showed her along with our
Pekes . We mated her with Ch Hattella Wild Robin and had three lovely bitch
puppies.One went to Gun Berquist in Sweden Which introduced me to Swedish
Pugs. We kept Taiyuan Sapphire and she was the real start to our pug showing. We
bred and campaigned Champion Taiyuan Brief Encounter (handled by Ray). We
had a number of RCC and Stud numbers along the way, but our main goal was to
breed healthy, happy pugs and meet up with like minded people in the show ring. I
first judged at SE Counties invited by the Late Ellen Brown. I was passed to award
tickets in 2002 at East of England followed by SKC, Boston, Midland Counties. I
have also Judged at the NPDC, WWPDC, The Irish PDC. I’ve also been lucky
enough to judge in Norway, twice in Sweden including the Stockholm Hunda Massa
.and also in Spain. I have been invited back to Spain to judge at the11 Monografica
Del Club Espanol del Carlino.

Sue Lee (Tsuselena)
My showing experience started over 20 years ago with my first ever litter of Cocker
Spaniels. I kept a blue roan dog and I was encouraged, by a friend to start to show
him. I enjoyed the experience and was hooked on showing from the first open show
we attended and where he won Best Puppy in Breed. I first met pugs at close
quarters at the home of the Chairman of Barnsley Canine Society and it was a case
of instantly falling in love with the breed. I decided there and then I must have a pug!
My journey exhibiting pugs started in 2001 and still continues. I have been lucky
enough to have bred three Champions and many others with Challenge Certificates,
Reserve CCs and many more with stud book numbers. After 5+ years as an exhibitor
and having bred a Champion, taken all the Breed assessment and KC seminars, I
started to accept pug judging appointments. I did the miles, counted the classes and
dogs and finally was approved to award CCs. My first completed appointment being
East of England 2019. What a privilege and an honour it is to judge our wonderful

Jean Lockett (Teeko)
I bought my first pug (a black boy) in 1981. He was joined in 1984 by my first show
pug, a fawn called ‘Pallyn Piggybank’ who went on to gain his Champion title, and
then in 1987 was awarded Best of Breed at Crufts!!!!  My affix, Teeko was granted
in1986 and I went on to campaign both fawns and blacks, several of which gained
their stud book number. Pugs carrying the affix, have become champions with their
new owners, here in the UK, Italy and Eire. I have judged at four Championship
Shows, awarding Challenge Certificates, and have judged for the Irish Pug Dog
Club, awarding Green Stars.  Pugs are still part of my family and I am pleased to say
that I am known as a ‘breed specialist  judge’.

Donald Mowbray (Alcaeus)
My first dog was a Smooth Fox Terrier followed by a Border Collie,  a Cocker Spaniel, two Boxers, two Yorkshire terriers and then my first Pug. As all lovers of the breed know, one is never enough!  I have owned and loved fifty  adorable/faithful/captivating/irrepressible – and, at times, so naughty,  companions. They love to tease and taunt my Jack Russells – from a very safe distance and with a secure barrier between them!
I enjoyed showing my Pugs from 1985 and forged enduring friendships with many fellow exhibitors, some of whom proved excellent  mentors and gave advice freely and generously (they still do!). I have been a committee member of several canine societies in Scotland since 1985 and have been Secretary/Treasurer of The Angus and Kincardineshire Canine Association for 32 years and President/Chairman of North of Scotland Toydog Society for 15 years. After serving as President/Chairman of The Scottish Pug Dog Club for 15 years I  considered it a great honour and privilege to become the Honorary Life President in 2017.
After an enjoyable time showing my Pugs I decided to concentrate more on the organisation and administration of dog shows and like to judge and steward. The companionship and rapport with my dogs is most important and life revolves entirely around them.

Christine Porch (Porchette)
I would just like to say that I have loved and lived with pugs for over 50 years. I am
proud to call myself a Pet lover who’s showing became a hobby in the late 70’s and
many of the older Members will remember me from back then.  I had a few litters
along the way and started judging pugs in the early 80’s and went  onto the A1
judging list from the early 90’s.
I spent many happy years on the Committee of Wales & West of England’s Pug Dog
Club and a lot of you will remember me for organising the raffle.

Candidates for Championship Show 2023

Jenny Brown (Sensayuma)
I have always loved animals of any kind and had quite a menagerie when very
young. Cat’s, rabbit’s, rat’s, mice, budgies, a tortoise, a pony and even a snake on
which I spent all my savings. Unfortunately for me it escaped soon after I had bought
it which was probably for the best. I was never allowed a dog, my sensible working
parents said a definite no, so I had to make do with walking the neighbours dogs. My
wish for a dog came true when, for my 21st birthday Ian (my husband now of over 50
years) bought me by favourite breed at the time, a White English Bull Terrier by the
name of ‘Bunty’. Some years and two children later we went to a dog show in
Manchester and saw Pugs being shown and instantly fell in love with the Breed. That
was in 1979 and by 1980 we had our first Pug Alava Pirouette who went on to gain
her title and 10 cc’s. She is the foundation bitch to all the Sensayumas, who over the
years have between them gained over 60 CCs and given us 8 Champions. I judged
my first Championship Show in 1994 at Three Counties. The highlight of my judging
came when I was asked to judge both dogs and bitches at Crufts in 2011, an entry of

Barbara Dabbs (Regencylodge)
Dogs have enriched my entire life. Until my teenage years I was brought up with
Bullmastiffs, I was taken occasionally to shows as a child . It was in the early 60’s
there was a change of direction to Pugs, followed by Maltese! When I was first
married I was determined I didn’t want the tie of a dog …… well 4 months later I had
a pug. It wasn’t until the 80’s I started to show, with Regencylodge Sweet as Sugar
(Black ) followed by my well known Marilla who I campaigned to 4 RCCc. After
showing for 10 years I then started to Judge, 10 years later I qualified to judge at
Championship  level. I have given 5 sets of CCs in Pugs & 7 in Maltese, the last one
being Crufts. I have Judged both breeds at Club Open Shows. I have served on the
Maltese committee & attended Discover Dogs on their behalf for numerous years,
together with my husband David, at the time he was the Maltese Club Treasurer.
Regencylodge was established in 1964 by my Mother Kathleen Haythornthwaite.
After breeding & showing, gaining several Champions, I am currently adding to my
experiences doing  Obedience with my latest Pug.

Sarah Hattrell (Khinjan)
I was born into the world of show dogs with my parents Afghan Hounds and started
handling at 5 years old, my first judging appointment was at 15 years old.
I currently award CC’s in Afghan Hounds, 3 sizes of Schnauzer, both sizes German
Spitz, Lhasa Apsos, Shih Tzus & Pugs. I have judged extensively here and abroad.
I have made up 10 Champion Schnauzers including the breed record holder and a
Giant Schnauzer, also bred and made up a Champion Pug. Currently showing Lhasa
Apsos of which I have 5 champions at home. I am also Secretary of the Lhasa Apso
Club and served on many committees over the years.
Penny Macdonald (Zondora)
My first experience of showing was with a Great Dane in 1968, after which I showed
Boxers for 10 years with some success, winning the working group with my Ch dog
in 1979. I bought my first pug in 1977 and have shown this wonderful breed ever
since. I have concentrated mainly on the blacks and although not the easiest colour
to win with, my name has been on several champions, as well as other CC & RCC
winning dogs, both at home and abroad. Others have been multiple 1 st prize winners
at Championship level and I even managed a RCC with a fawn. I have judged
Boxers and all Toy breeds at Open Show level and have awarded CCs in pugs for
25 years.

Howard Ogden (Beauview)
It was on 29 May 1972, at Sunderland Open, that a 19yr old Howard judged his first
ever Toydog classes with best going to  Ella Clancey’s future champion Pug bitch
Nanchyl Gossamer but it was not until over 30 years later that he awarded his first
set of CCs, having his successful Pug Dog Club Judging Assessment , as assessed
by Nancy Tarbitt, on 18 February 2001.
He has awarded 7 sets of Pug CCs including dogs at Wales & West in 2012 & at the
Northern in 2017. He is passed to award CCs in every Toy breed as well as the
Toy/Utility/Hound Groups, whilst in 2020 will judge his first allbreed BIS, at Blackpool
(where he made up his 1st Champion Griffon Bruxellois, having "scived off" school!)
The Beauview Griffons (with some 17 UK Champions) are known worldwide & not
least for re-establishing the b/t as a show force to be reckoned with as against the
reds, the rough bitch Champion Beauview Fly The Flag making breed history in 2011
as the 1st b/t to top the breed at Crufts & followed by the b/t smooth, Champion
Beauview Brave As A Blizzard, in 2012.
Howard says how ‘chuffed’ he is to be included in this Pug Dog Club ballot.

Margaret Trossell (Llessort)
My husband, Ian, and I bought our first pug in 1999 after showing and breeding
Cavaliers but my showing career started in 1971 with Irish Setters but ‘life’ took over.
Bunty Boo, our first pug, came from the well known Poosburys of Doreen Davies,
who became a great friend and mentor over the years. We had many Best Puppy,
Best Puppy in Show and the CC and BOB at Darlington 2000.
Between the showing and breeding I had been helping John and Sylvia Smith with
Pug Welfare and was invited to become a Trustee and later on Re-Homing
Secretary. Through John and Sylvia I met Michael Quinney and these three people
taught me so much.
My Judging career began in 2003 as I believe an ‘apprenticeship ‘ should be served
before judging. I have judged Open Shows from Scotland to the South Coast and
from the East Coast to the West Coast so a good mix of dogs. I gave CC’s for the
first time at Boston in 2017 and then Darlington in 2019 and have been elected to
judge at the Northern Pug Dog Club in 2021.
I am extremely honoured to be asked to Ballot for the Pug Dog Club. I judged the
PDC Open Show a number of years ago and thoroughly enjoyed my day.